Project: Smart Transfers through Unravelling Urban Form and Travel Flow Dynamics

Smart cities and communities rely on efficient, reliable and robust transport systems. Managing urban public transport systems is becoming increasingly challenging with a pronounced shift towards multiply actors operating in a multi-modal multi-level networks. This calls for the development of an integrated passenger-focused management approach which takes advantage of multiple data sources and state-of-the-art scheduling support. TRANS-FORM, a cooperation between universities, industrial partners, public authorities and private operators, will develop, implement and test a data driven decision making tool that will support smart planning and proactive and adaptive operations. The tool will integrate new concepts and methods of behavioural modelling, passenger flow forecasting and network state predictions into real-time operations. New empirical knowledge and modelling foundations will be developed by undertaking a multi-level approach for monitoring, mapping, analysing and managing urban dynamics in relation to interchanging travel flows. Analysis of pedestrian and traveller flows at the hub, urban and regional networks is facilitated by data secured from case studies in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden, respectively. Project outcomes will allow policy makers and service providers to better understand how travel demand evolves, model traveller flows and interchange activities, develop different strategic and operational measures, and evaluate their impacts.

Acronym TRANS-FORM (Reference Number: 5586419)
Project Topic Topic 3. Smart data, big data
Network ENSCC
Call ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities (ENSCC) - Joint Call for Proposals

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
5586419 Technische Universiteit Delft - Department of Transport and Planning Coordinator Netherlands
5610283 Linköping university - Derpartment of Science and Technology Partner Sweden
5621074 École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL - École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL Partner Switzerland
5629999 Blekinge Institute of Technology - DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Partner Sweden
6104519 IBM Research GmbH Partner Switzerland
6104938 ETRA Partner Spain