Project: Implementing low carbon social urban tourism solutions and creating citizen empowerment through Smart City Hospitality

Urban tourism contributes to (local) economic prosperity, but also creates negative consequences such as CO2 emissions and pollution, overcrowding, traffic jams, noise and touristification of the city, thereby harming liveability for both residents and tourists. This project introduces the Smart City Hospitality concept, consisting of guidelines and tools, that can support cities to make the transition towards environmentally and socially responsible tourism that simultaneously contributes to long-term (economic) prosperity. Through combining hospitality principles, simulation tools, apps and serious gaming techniques, this concept supports policymakers in generating deep reflections about barriers to sustainable urban tourism and the need for transition or adaptation strategies. It supports assessment of intervention strategies based on an interactive simulation-supported multi-stakeholder approach that triggers social learning and behaviour change, while stimulating shared governance and smart citizenship. This project develops, tests, validates and refines these guidelines/ tools and the full concept through a series of living labs and field experiments in participating cities. What is more, a Smart City Hospitality network is set up and installed to ensure accessibility to this concept, including all tools and experiences with using them, for other cities and to facilitate collaborative learning within a continuous process of refining this customizable approach.

Acronym SmartCityHospitality (Reference Number: 5619886)
Project Topic Topic 4. Smart governance and smart citizens
Network ENSCC
Call ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities (ENSCC) - Joint Call for Proposals

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
5619886 NHTV Breda, University of Applied Scienes Coordinator Netherlands
5620782 Worldline Iberia Partner Spain
5621007 MODUL University Vienna Privatuniversität Partner Austria
5621166 Vestlandsforsking (Western NO Research Institute) Partner Norway