Project: Evidence and acceptance - from experiments to transformation

Acronym ACCTRA (Reference Number: 46635895)
Duration 01/05/2023 - 31/10/2025
Project Topic A continuing reliance on private cars dominating urban transport has spiked traffic, congestion, GHG emissions as well as noise- and air pollution. Consequentially, there is a need for alternatives aiming at expanding the attractiveness of sustainable modes of transport and the creation of a high-quality public space. Many cities have acknowledged the potential of street transformations as a means of achieving these goals. However, these projects often face resistance within the local administration, the population and local businesses. A more sustainable urban mobility and accommodation situation can therefore only be achieved if transformation projects boost acceptance and support at all levels. The data, knowledge and processes needed to create widespread acceptance, as well as the right methods to effectively plan, engage and evaluate these and future transformations, are largely unknown. Therefore, the ACCTRA project proposes a comparative approach in which two experiments in Austria and Turkey are set up, realised and evaluated in a transnational approach. Exclusive micromobility lanes are implemented in Istanbul and "Open Streets" experiments in Klagenfurt, accompanied by an internationally operative Swedish partner. Locally applicable guidelines will be developed to enable municipalities across Europe to make street transformations more impactful and acceptable, based on this evidence-based approach and solutions of local participation and communication. These results will then be transferred to the international level and made publicly accessible.
Network EN-UAC
Call 3rd EN-AUC Joint Call - Innovations for Managing Sustainable Urban Accessibility (ENUAC)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Technical University of Vienna - Institute for Spatial Planning, research area Transport System Planning Coordinator Austria
2 netwiss Partner Austria
3 Ozyegin University Engineering Faculty Partner Turkey
4 City of Klagenfurt, Department of Climate and Environmental Protection Partner Austria
5 Maltepe Municipality Partner Turkey
6 Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Partner Turkey
7 Bednar Landschaftsarchitektur e.U. Partner Austria
8 Koucky & Partners AB Partner Sweden