Project: Metrology for highly-parallel manufacturing

Highly-parallel manufacturing methods promise to cut costs by producing devices on large surfaces (on the square metre scale) with high feature resolutions (down to the micrometre scale) at high speed. Large-area printed electronics created using these methods have the potential to provide low-cost, smart devices for use in a variety of applications, such as photovoltaics for energy generation, sensors for instant, disposable medical tests and anti-counterfeit devices. During manufacture, products may be travelling along the production line at speeds of several metres per second. This combined with the large surface size and small 3D features provide a measurement challenge that cannot be met by current inspection techniques in industry. This project will enable significant improvements in highly-parallel manufacturing processes, such as roll-to-roll printed electronics, by enabling industry to make traceable measurements of surface features on large-area substrates. This will enable innovation and improve efficiency in the development of technologies to support Europe’s high standard of living.

Acronym 14IND09 MetHPM (Reference Number: 14IND09)
Duration 01/05/2015 - 30/04/2018
Project Topic Metrology
Project Results
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Network EMPIR
Call EMPIR CALL 2014

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 NPL Management Limited Coordinator United Kingdom
2 Dansk Fundamental Metrologi A/S Partner Denmark
3 Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica Partner Italy
4 VSL B.V. Partner Netherlands
5 Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy Partner Finland
6 Loughborough University Partner United Kingdom
7 NIL Technology ApS Partner Denmark
8 The University of Nottingham Partner United Kingdom
9 Oulun Yliopisto Partner Finland
10 Cranfield University Observer United Kingdom
11 Focalspec Oy Observer Finland
12 IBS Precision Engineering bv Observer Netherlands
13 Lein Applied Diagnostics Limited Observer United Kingdom
14 Offcode Oy Observer Finland