Project: Combatting colibacillosis - a genomics based approach.

Avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) cause extraintestinal diseases in birds known as colibacillosis which are costly for the poultry industry as they significantly reduce production. Although the most logical approach to control colibacillosis is through vaccination typical inactivated vaccines have only provided partial protection against homologous challenge. Specific virulence factors may provide a vaccine target capable of protection to heterologous challenge. For this purpose it is important to identify APEC factors involved in disease and in host recognition and to understand on the molecular level the interplay between APEC and eukaryotic cells resulting in establishment of an infection. This project focuses on the characterization of the molecular basis of APEC infection of poultry by proposing a global strategy to analyze the factors and traits involved in APEC pathogenesis. The overall scientific objective of this transnational collaborative project is to apply genomic approaches to exploit genomic data of APEC for the improvement of preventive and therapeutic strategies as well as of strain typing and risk assessment. The expected achievements of this project are to improve current strategies to combat APEC infection. The results obtained could thus be translated into new vaccine or drug targets and therapeutic approaches.

Acronym CombatColibacillosis
Duration 31/12/2013
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Network EMIDA
Call EMIDA 2009 Research Call

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Tel Aviv University Israel
Novartis Pharma AG Switzerland
Ecole National Vétérinaire de Toulouse France
Ministry of Health - Department for Veterinary Public Health, Nutrition and Food Safety Italy
Federal Ministry of Education and Research Germany
Kimron Veterinary Institute Israel
University of Würzburg - Institute for Molecular Infection Biology Coordinator Germany
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Israel
French National Research Agency France
PURPAN Engineering School (Toulouse-Purpan) France