Project: Planning Process and Tool for Step-by-Step Conversion of the Conventional or Mixed Bus Fleet to a 100 % Electric Bus Fleet

Acronym PLATON
Duration 01/01/2018 - 30/06/2020
Project Topic The main objective of the PLATON project is to define a planning process for the conversion of a given diesel or mixed bus fleet to a 100 % electric bus fleet and to implement this process into a web-based software tool. Due to the complexity of this issue, the planning process is based on basic methods which contain all the expert knowledge and experience required. Firstly, relevant real life cases and requirements will be collected from electric bus manufacturers (including variability of bus models, electrical power storage devices and power charging systems, bus mechanical specificity, etc.) and public transport operators (including characteristics of bus fleets and routes, operating and management cost of buses etc.). Based on the results, input data, constraints and output data for the planning process and the basic methods will be determined. The most complex scientific part of the project concerns the mathematical modelling of the physical devices and the whole transportation system optimal design, as well as the improvement and efficiency increasement of existing basic methods using computer science algorithms. The expected impact of the project is a more reliable and therefore faster conversion of conventional buses to electric buses and therefore an acceleration of environment and climate protection. The bus manufacturer can offer the tool to increase the level of sales of electric buses, however, operators and consultants of public transportation can easily analyse different ways to conduct the conversion to 100 % electric fleet by using the tool.
Network EMEurope
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Closed Joint Stock Company "Stadler-Minsk" Observer Belarus
Przedsiebiorstwo Komunikacji Miejskiej Sp. z o.o. w Sosnowcu Observer Poland
The Urban Transport Company in Jaworzno Observer Poland
Volvo Bus Corporation Observer Sweden
1 Institut f. Automation und Kommunikation e.V. Magdeburg Coordinator Germany
2 Energie- und Umweltconsulting e.U. Partner Austria
3 Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Partner Belarus
4 Open Joint Stock Company «BELKOMMUNMASH» Partner Belarus
5 Silesian University of Technology Partner Poland
6 United Institute of Informatics Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Partner Belarus