Project: evRoaming for electric mobility in Europe

Acronym evRoaming4EU
Duration 01/01/2018 - 30/06/2020
Project Topic The main objective of the project is to facilitate roaming services for charging electric vehicles and provide transparent information to consumers about charging locations and prices of charging in Europe, by making use of the open independent Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) protocol. The ultimate goal is to allow any EV driver to charge at any charging station in the EU. A key part of the project involves regional and transnational pilots, aimed at addressing and resolving functional, technical, legal, and fiscal obstacles, thereby promoting the creation of one European market for EV drivers and related products and services. Four regions in four different countries will implement the pilots. With these pilots completed successfully, ‘local’ obstacles (functional, technical, fiscal or legal) concerning EV-Roaming will be removed: EV drivers will be able to charge their vehicle in other countries, will be invoiced correctly and have potentially access to services This project realizes an essential precondition for a mature European market for EV charging infrastructure. EV drivers will be able to travel across Europe without obstacles and have access to services and information (locations, availability, tariffs) for their charging needs. It has positive impact on energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and therefore on climate ambitions. Cost of access to the EV charging market will be reduced, competition will move towards services instead of protocols and this provides a fertile ground for innovation and job creation.
Network EMEurope
Call EMEurope Cofund Call

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
2 Copenhagen Electric Partner Denmark
3 E.ON Danmark A/S Partner Denmark
4 ENIO GmbH Partner Austria
1 Nationaal Kennisplatform Laadinfrastructuur Coordinator Netherlands
5 Province of North Holland – projectbureau MRA-Electric Partner Netherlands
6 Smartlab Innovationsgesellschaft mbH Partner Germany
7 Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH Partner Germany
8 Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Partner Netherlands
Vereniging Interoperabel Laden Nederland Observer Netherlands