Project: Electric Mobility Without Frontiers

Acronym EMWF
Duration 01/01/2018 - 30/06/2020
Project Topic The project Electric Mobility Without Frontiers (EMWF) main goal is to tackle the challenges laid out ahead. By providing a flexible and interoperable system to collect, bundle and distribute relevant information, the EMWF consortium will develop, implement and demonstrate a future proof system for smart city integration. The EMWF project aims to deliver a wide variety of results centred on the acquisition, transmission and distribution of charge date of electric vehicles. At the core of the project lies the implementation of pilot sites in all participating countries. At these sites, charging poles will be upgraded with camera-based sensor technology to provide accurate data on the availability of charging opportunities, independent of the chargers plug status. The information from the charging poles and sensors are transmitted to a data platform which enables third parties access to the data, based on commercial agreements between market players. From here, the data is accessible e.g. by navigation service providers, to display on smart phones and navigation systems as well as add their own additional services, like occupation prediction at the users time of arrival. By basing the system on open protocols and a market efficient approach, EMWF aims to create a precinct for smart city architecture. In addition to the practical implementation of the system described above, the EMWF project will conduct research in various fields surrounding the charging of electric vehicles.
Network EMEurope
Call EMEurope Cofund Call

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 smartlab innovations GmbH Coordinator Germany
2 ElaadNL Partner Netherlands
3 Electromaps Partner Spain
4 Parking Energy Partner Finland
5 Stadtwerke Aachen AG Partner Germany
6 Technical University Eindhoven Partner Netherlands
7 Wellness Smart Cities Partner Spain