Project: Frederikshavn Offshore Demonstrator

The Frederikshavn Offshore Demonstrator is a demo site east of Frederikshavn, Denmark, for which Universal Foundation and partners will demonstrate new technologies for offshore foundations. The offshore foundation to be demonstrated is the Mono Bucket; next generation novel foundation concept for offshore wind farms. The project will conduct full scale designs and installations of the Mono Bucket with WTG, including demonstration of the innovative Mono Bucket Design Configurator -and Integrated Design Model prepared by Universal Foundation, bringing the Mono Bucket ready for commercialization by advancing TRL for the Mono Bucket from TRL5 to TRL7. The project addresses in particular the industry target of cost reductions up to 40% by 2020 and the need for new technology to move to deeper water (25-55meters), further from shore (+150km) and with bigger turbines (+6MW class), aiming to demonstrate a significant delivery of CAPEX reduction for foundations and a correspondingly significant impact on Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE). The project further seeks to demonstrate the Mono Bucket’s unique ability to install a foundation and a turbine in the same installation run and hence have the possibility to generate first power within weeks instead of today’s industry standard of approximately 1½ years. Finally, the project will demonstrate new products and solutions aimed at cutting O&M costs in relation to corrosion and scour protection.

Acronym FOD (Reference Number: DW178)
Project Topic Offshore Wind, Topic 3 - Foundation structures
Project Results
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Network DemoWind
Call Joint Call 2015

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Universal Foundation A/S Coordinator Denmark
2 Harland & Wolff Heavy Industries Limited Partner United Kingdom
3 SIF Group BV Partner Netherlands