ERA-NET on National and Regional Programmes and Initiatives to Promote Research, and the Dissemination of the Results of that Research, to the Benefit of Large Communities of SMEs: Collective Research

Basic Information


CORNET is dedicated to networking national and regional programmes and initiatives which support R&D and the dissemination of the results of that R&D to the benefit of large communities of SMEs. This is collective research. The defining characteristic of collective research is that the R&D performed is undertaken in the interest of a broad target group of firms, with the results being accordingly disseminated widely. Collective research provides an optimal means of responding to shared research needs of broad communities of firms, particularly SMEs with limited or no research capacity of their own. Collective research is generally associated with trade associations and/or research centres working on behalf of a particular branch or sector of the economy. This model operates successfully in several European countries/regions. It is, however, but part of a bigger picture. Modern innovation theory has encouraged policy approaches based on ideas of networking among firms, knowledge organisations and other institutions and organisations. Relevant concepts include: ?industrial districts?, ?regional innovation systems?, ?value chains?, and ?clustering?. Where governments promote R&D and knowledge transfer using such approaches, it is often to support what is in effect collective research. There is presently neither systematic exchange of experience between collective research programmes nor any concerted attempt to co-operate at a European scale. CORNET will bring together key players from 17 European countries/regions promoting collective research CORNET has several key strategic objectives: - To provide a forum for policy makers and programme managers to exchange experience and good practice. - To support policy makers in the new EU Member States, which have an urgent need to strengthen their traditional industrial sectors. - To contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the ERA, by institutionalising the coordination of national research.

Research fields covered by the network

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Target Groups

  • SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)

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Joint Calls

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4. Call CORNET one-stage 01/07/2007   30/11/2007

Submitted: 5


Funded: 3

3. Call CORNET one-stage 01/01/2007   31/05/2007

Submitted: 9


Funded: 4

2. Call CORNET one-stage 01/01/2006   16/10/2006

Submitted: 7


Funded: 4

1. Call CORNET one-stage 01/01/2005   15/08/2005

Submitted: 5


Funded: 3