Project: Crop diversification and weeds

PRODIVA will produce the information required for a better utilization of crop diversification for weed management in North European organic arable cropping systems. The goal is not to eradicate weed problems, which is unlikely to happen in any arable farming system, but to maintain a diversified and manageable weed flora that can support beneficial organisms. The partners in PRODIVA will focus on synthesizing knowledge from terminated and running research projects including new experiments on crop rotation, cover crop growing, and variety and crop mixtures. This will provide a coherent picture and help closing important knowledge gaps. PRODIVA hypothesises that: a) detrimental weed communities can be disrupted through strategic diversification of crop rotations without compromising species diversity and over-all crop production; b) perennial weeds can be suppressed in the post-harvest period by improved cover crop establishment and pertinent selection of cover crop species; c) crop mixtures and variety mixtures have greater suppressive abilities against weeds than the sole crop or variety; d) on-farm practices of crop diversification are related to weed pressure and species composition. PRODIVA will interact with partners from farming practice and extension services in organic agriculture. Regional fields will be surveyed for weeds to safeguard the relevance of the experimental research. Current cropping practices and their influence on weed pressure and diversity will be identified together with the on-farm implementation and future potential for further diversification of the cropping systems. In addition, the project will involve relevant stakeholders from the participating countries throughout the project period to ensure the relevance of the research undertaken. Scientific and applied papers will be produced to support further development and research into sustainable and diversified North European organic crop production systems.

Acronym PRODIVA (Reference Number: 1381)
Duration 01/03/2015 - 01/03/2018
Project Topic 2. Functional biodiversity to improve management of diseases, weeds and pests
Website visit project website
Network CORE Organic Plus
Call Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming Systems (2014)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 n/a Coordinator Denmark
2 n/a Partner Sweden
3 Crop Health Partner Germany
4 Institute of Plant Protection - NRI Partner Poland
5 Institute of Plant Protection - NRI Partner Poland
7 State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute Partner Latvia
8 Agrifood Research Finland Partner Finland