European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research

Basic Information


The proposed European Concerted Programme on Radiation Protection Research (acronym: CONCERT) aims to
contribute to the sustainable integration of European and national research programmes in radiation protection. It will
do so by focusing resources and efforts in five key directions:• Bring together the elements of the European scientific
communities in the fields of radiation effects and risks, radioecology, nuclear emergency preparedness, dosimetry and
medical radiation protection, whose joint expertise is essential to continue the development of radiation protection
knowledge in a multidisciplinary mode to reduce further the uncertainties in radiation protection.• Strengthen
integrative activities between the various areas of expertise, in particular biology, biophysics, epidemiology, dosimetry
and modelling as well as fostering the use of existing infrastructures and education and training activities in radiation
protection.• Stimulate and foster scientific excellence, by setting up and co-funding advanced research programmes
with the potential to enhance current knowledge and the scientific evidence base for radiation protection.• Exchange
and communicate with all stakeholders, including the professional organizations concerned with radiation protection,
the regulatory organizations across Europe, the public and media where necessary, and the international community of
scientific, technical, legal and other professional experts in radiation protection.• Foster the harmonious application of
available scientific basis for radiation protection practices across Europe, by bringing together scientific and technical
expertise in radiation protection issues, standard setting know how, particularly with respect to the implementation
of the Euratom Basic Safety Standards (BSS) at the legal, administrative and operational level.To reach its goals,
CONCERT will have seven Work Packages each of which will focus on each of the key directions.

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Research fields covered by the network

  • Energy
  • Other: radiation protection

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Joint Calls

Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
1st Call on Radiation Protection Research in Europe one-stage     02/08/2016  
2nd Call on Radiation Projection Research in Europe one-stage     02/05/2017