Project: Synthetic microbial communities for the production of limonene derived products

Acronym SyCoLim (Reference Number: 33)
Duration 01/09/2019 - 01/08/2022
Project Topic ERA CoBioTech seek the transition from a petroleum-based economy to a bio-based, circular economy, which can be achieved by the development of novel biotechnologies such as microbiological bioproduction processes. The aim of this project (SyCoLim) is to produce high-value chemicals (with applications as pharmaceuticals, medicines, fragrances, nutraceuticals or cosmetics) from waste raw materials (recycling glycerol, the by-product of biodiesel industries). In order to achieve this objective, synthetic microbial communities between yeast and bacteria will be created. These communities will be engineered to present advantages over monocultures, such as division of labour, higher adaptability and robustness or an expanded metabolic network. The bioprocess carried out by the best strains generated will be scaled up in industrial conditions in the facilities of our industrial partner. Therefore, the project will help the lab-to-market transition of the sustainable production of valuable compounds and will combine this with the exploration of novel synthetic biology and microbial communities’ methodologies that have the potential to be applicable to other bioprocesses, thus facilitating the global transition towards the bioeconomy. The partners of SyCoLim has been selectively chosen to be the best fit possible to the rationale of the project, in terms not only of skills and methodologies but also in previous experience in synthetic microbial communities. Thus, together, the academic partners are world-leading researchers in yeast and bacteria engineering, in using synthetic biology to create microbial communities, in cutting-edge analytics (including metabolomics and proteomics) and in modelling communities. In addition, the industrial partner is one of the few biotech companies with expertise in commercial processes using engineered microbial communities. The scientific work packages will be developed in parallel to a Responsible Research an Innovation plan intended to evaluate the environmental and societal aspect of the process and it will guide and be guided by the experimental plans and results. SyCoLim is also committed to strict ethics and data management standards, embracing the FAIR principles. The project is accompanied by a solid Communication and Dissemination plan to reach different stakeholders and maximise the impact of the project’s outcomes. The project will be carefully managed to optimise equal participation of the partners, appropriate budgets, gender balance, risk assessment, back up strategies, efficient communication and personnel and material transfer between teams.
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Network ERA CoBioTech
Call 2nd Joint Call on Biotechnologies

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Imperial College London (RLA) Coordinator United Kingdom
2 Imperial College London (GBS) Partner United Kingdom
3 Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas Partner Spain
4 Acies Bio d.o.o. Partner Slovenia
5 Charité University Medicine Berlin Partner Germany