Project: Trust And Visuality: Everyday digital practices

Acronym TRAVIS (Reference Number: CHANSE-935)
Duration 01/11/2022 - 01/11/2025
Project Topic Europe is witnessing a paradigmatic shift in the role, functions and implications of digital visuality in all areas of social life. Digital images and practices of visualization directly shape how social worlds, relations and identities are imagined; they introduce new modes of (visual) knowing and learning, and shape how European citizens see themselves, each other and social institutions. This happens most powerfully in apparently mundane everyday situations: reading the news, visiting the doctor, planning a home improvement project, sharing something with friends on social media. Which images are trusted and how becomes a critical question for understanding both cultural and social transformation in contemporary digital times. TRAVIS analyses how dis/trust in everyday digital images is structured by and structures identities and values. Three thematic case studies will use qualitative methods to gain in-depth understanding of trust in relation to images of the self (rehabilitation after illness), the home (domestic aspirations) and the public (news journalism) across four different cultural contexts (EE, FI, AT, UK), with specific groups of research participants chosen to deepen understanding of the effect of different social identities on dis/trusting. A fourth study will offer context through a qualitative exploration of visuals and trust-relations in individuals' everyday life. Each case study will take place in two different countries, to enable robust comparative conclusions across relevant differences as well as a wide range of knowledge exchange collaborations. TRAVIS has a large number of stakeholder communities and engages them through a suite of workshops, toolkits, exhibitions and focus groups. The outputs will be valuable across national and EU-level policy-makers, the scientific community, civil society and pedagogy institutions as well as industry (news, adTech, healthTech, and real estate and property technology in particular).
Network CHANSE
Call Transformations: Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Tallinn University Coordinator Estonia
2 University of Salzburg Partner Austria
3 Tampere University Partner Finland
4 University of Oxford Partner United Kingdom
5 Austrian Institute for applied telecommunications / initiative Observer Austria
6 South West Grid for Learning Trust Ltd Observer United Kingdom
7 The Finnish Museum of Photography Observer Finland
8 Estonian Society of Family Doctors Observer Estonia
9 SIRP Observer Estonia