Project: Development of Test Methods for Non Wood Small-Scale Combustion Plants

The aim was to identify European regulations concerning testing rules, general conditions of the energetic use of non-wood biomass, state of boiler technology, applicable measurement methods, development of adequate test procedures and identification of further R&D required. The results show for example that there are potentials for energy crops and various residues, especially straw from grain production in AT, DK, FI and SE. The most interesting types of biomass for use in small-scale combustion units are straw pellets and pellets from Miscanthus or reed canary grass. The future demand on energy grain will depend very much on market prices for grain. To meet an increased demand for non-wood fuels, there is a need to develop fuel and load flexibility to avoid sintering, fouling, corrosion and high emissions. It is also important to develop technologies that meet the users’ demands for convenience. More research is needed on identifying disturbance on dust measurements. A best practice guideline was prepared as a proposal for an international standard for testing requirements of automatically stoked boilers for non wood solid biomass fuels up to 400 kW. It is strongly recommended that a European standard regulating the requirements for testing small-scale furnaces for biogenic nonwood fuels be established.

Acronym Test Methods
Duration 01/01/2007 - 30/06/2008
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Call Pilot Joint Call 2006

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Technical Research Centre of FI Finland
Federal Institute of Education and Research Francisco Josephinum - Biomass Logistics Technology Wieselburg Austria
Institut für Umwelt Germany
Technology and Support Centre of Renewable Raw Materials Germany
SP Technical Research Institute of SE Sweden
Bioenergy 2020+ GmbH Coordinator Austria