Project: Clean Biomass Combustion in Residential Heating: Particulate Measurements, Sampling and physicochemical and Toxicological Characterization.

The use of solid biofuels for heating is expected to increase in the EU as a means to reduce the emissions of greenhouses gases to the atmosphere. However, the combustion of solid biofuels in the residential sector is a significant emission source of fine particles that have significant negative health effects. Therefore, there is a need to harmonise the regulations on emissions from small-scale boilers and stoves. The aim of this project was to determine feasible methods for particulate emission measurements, sampling and physicochemical characterisation, taking into account not only the combustion process and particulate sampling, but also the physicochemical characterisation of particulate emissions and the evaluation of emission-related health risks. The following measures for the reduction of particulate emissions from smallscale biomass combustion were proposed: i) financial support for the substitution of old combustion devices, ii) provision of consumer training to ensure appropriate handling of boilers and stoves, iii) support of research on low particulate emission combustion technologies and iv) support of research on cleaning technologies. A best practise guideline for particle measurement was worked out. Common requirements for toxicological studies – aerosol exposure as well as particulate collection methods – were given. Toxicological studies connected to chemical composition of particles can be used to identify incorrect handling of devices.

Duration 01/01/2007 - 31/03/2008
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Call Pilot Joint Call 2006

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Energy Technology Centre Sweden
Finnish Meteorological Institute Finland
Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research - Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine Germany
Graz University of Technology - Institute for Resource Efficient and Sustainable Systems Austria
National Public Health Institute Finland
Technology and Support Centre of Renewable Raw Materials Germany
Umeå University - Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine Sweden
Umeå University - Energy Technology and Thermal Process Chemistry Sweden
Umeå University - University Hospital of Umeå - Department of Respiratory Medicine and Allergy Sweden
University of Eastern FI - Kuopio Campus Coordinator Finland