Project: Integrative Management of Green Infrastructures Multifunctionality, Ecosystem integrity and Ecosystem Services: From assessment to regulation in socio-ecological systems

Acronym IMAGINE (Reference Number: 152)
Duration 31/01/2017 - 30/01/2020
Project Topic IMAGINE is based on 6 partners from 5 countries eligible to Biodiversa funding IMAGINE brings together multidisciplinary and complementary expertise (landscape ecology, restoration ecology, sociology, land planning, modelling), IMAGINE promote a place based approach of Socio-Ecological Systems integrative analysis of GI ecological integrity, ecosystem functions and ecosystem services and disservices, IMAGINE will test its approach on Case Study Territories with two main gradients: rural-urban gradient within case studies and latitudinal across case studies, IMAGINE will conduct its transdisciplinary research activities in close contact with stakeholders (land managers, municipalities, nature conservation services, NGOs and users), IMAGINE will apply the place based approach of socio-ecological systems to CST and integrates from the very beginning relevant stakeholders of the case study areas. IMAGINE aims to solve problems linked with GI in interaction with regional and local stakeholders and to offer EU Level transferability of knowledge and methods, IMAGINE propose an integrative territorial analysis of GI multifunctionality and ecosystem services address sustainability and resilience issues.
Network BiodivERsA3
Call BiodivERsA3 Joint Call 2015

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 IRSTEA Coordinator France
2 EMU Partner Estonia
3 EV-INBO Partner Belgium
4 Institute for Social-Ecological Research GmbH Partner Germany
5 Kiel University Partner Germany
6 NINA Partner Norway