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ASPERA is targeted at fostering a coherent Europe-wide research base in Astroparticle Physics by - Setting up a common information system for reviewing and funding Astroparticle Physics research in all European countries. - Setting-up joint transnational electronic infrastructure facilities. - Carrying out a case study for the emergence of a new field of science. - Providing a scientific roadmap for Astroparticle Physics large projects, embedded in a more general European and worldwide scientific infrastructure roadmap. - Identifying innovative research and development fields related to the above projects particularly suitable for transnational efforts - Establishing uniform methodologies and management techniques for large European Astroparticle Physics projects - Providing jointly agreed processing and evaluation schemes for a range of joint transnational proposals. - Developing links between existing large projects (e.g.gravitational wave antennas, neutrino telescopes, gamma ray telescopes, space/ground in cosmic ray physics). - Preparing the way for pan-European collaborations of the next phase of large scale versions of existing infrastructures - Coordinating funding, where appropriate,in selected translational RTD domains - Providing a framework for national agencies to align some part of their resources into Astroparticle physics transnational research programmes. At the outset ASPERA will comprise nineteen national funding agencies in Europe responsible for funding Astroparticle physics research. The nominated individuals are Programme directors (or equivalent) with administrative machinery and responsibility for funding research and related postgraduate training in Astroparticle physics research. ASPERA will contribute to consolidation of European research expertise by imporving the coherence and co-ordination across European funding agencies with responsability for funding Astroparticle physics research.

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1st Call   02/04/2009   04/06/2009

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