European Group for Coordination of National Research Programmes on Organ Donation and Transplantation

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The major goals of research programmes for improving Organ Transplantation efficiency concern many fields but can be categorised as follows: -Estimate the donor pool, -Ensure the equity of allocation rules, -Improve safety and quality of organ transplantation, -Perform evaluation methodology, -Increase graft tolerance by fundamental research. ALLIANCE-O will proceed to the identification and comparisons of the respective national/regional programmes and their methodologies, to the exchange of information, good practices and results of research programmes lead by the different members among partners, in order to 1/04/2004 enhance research relevance and maximise research utility by avoiding duplication, to develop applicable methodology that could be used to improve the potential for organ donation, the allocation, quality and safety of organs, and the evaluation of organ transplantation. Alliance-O will implement joint pilot actions focused on specific questions for which joint activity is already obviously relevant. This project is the first ever coordination of donation and transplant activities across such a large number of different countries. The fact that the participants in the project already have a strong history of cooperation is a considerable asset regarding the feasibility. The expected outcome is harmonization and coordination not only in research programmes but also in defining the best common practices and guidelines. It will therefore be of major relevance and interest not only for professionals but also for policy makers. The Alliance-O coordination action will have an impact: -on quality and coordination in organ transplantation by the identification of best possible strategies, in countries in which organ transplantation is just beginning through the dissemination of the deliverables including operational tools, -the avoidance of duplication and maximising of efficiency of the respective national programmes.

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