Project: Negative Emissions in the Waste to Energy Sector: Technologies for CCS

Acronym NEWEST-CCS (Reference Number: 299683)
Duration 01/09/2019 - 31/08/2022
Project Topic The aim of NEWEST-CCUS is to accelerate the development and deployment of CO2 capture technologies that are tailored for effective operation at WtE plants. Expanding the range of fuel sources that are ready to use in combination with CCUS will create high quality jobs and respond to climate change concerns. Specific objectives of NEWEST-CCUS that will support the successful delivery of this aim include: ? Establish a full overview of technical possibilities and limitations of several CO2 capture technologies for residential and industrial waste types; ? Improve net efficiency of CO2 capture solutions for WtE applications through improved understanding of performance management options, building on insights from pilot scale testing and process modelling to explore thermodynamic integration options; ? Investigate operational issues for CO2 capture processes operating with waste-derived flue gases; ? Demonstrate promising CCUS technologies for WtE, developing these options to TRL 5-8.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
* Establish a research and innovation platform for the deployment of CCS across the European WtE sector * Extensive testing and demonstration at pilot scale and at industrial sites of relevant technologies in industrially relevant conditions for CO2 capture with challenging waste fuel combustion, including facilities of the ECCSEL grouping and the International Test Centre Network. * Optimise CO2 capture design for integration in WtE plants for low energy use, cost and environmental impact, with relevant WtE plant conditions provided by industry partners * Comparative assessment of technology in terms of performance, economics and possible market size * Establish credible scenarios at regional and national level, using techno-economic assessment methods * Evaluate the potential of the sector for net cumulative atmospheric CO2 removal in Europ
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Network ACT
Call ACT Second Call

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 University of Edinburgh Coordinator United Kingdom
2 SINTEF Energi AS Partner Norway
3 Institutt für Industr. Fertigung und Fabrikbetrieb Partner Germany
4 TNO Partner Netherlands
5 The University of Sheffield Partner United Kingdom
6 Carbon Clean Solutions Limited Partner United Kingdom