Project: LAUNCH - Lowering absorption uncertainty and costs by predicting and controlling amine degradation

Acronym LAUNCH (Reference Number: 299662)
Duration 01/09/2019 - 31/08/2022
Project Topic The primary objective of LAUNCH is: To accelerate the implementation of CO2 capture in various industries and the development of novel solvents by establishing a fast-track, cost-effective de-risking mechanism to predict and control degradation of capture solvents. This objective will be achieved by the following secondary objectives: 1) Developing strategies to control degradation, minimizing solvent loss and therefore the environmental impacts of CO2 capture; 2) Developing the ability to predict degradation of (novel) CO2 capture solvents; 3) Developing and demonstrating the LAUNCH solvent qualification program*. *What we herein refer to as the ?LAUNCH solvent qualification program? is not a intended to be a comprehensive qualification program, but focuses solely on degradation aspects. Aspects such as energy consumption or volatility are covered indirectly by LAUNCH, as degradation impacts both key performance indicators of a capture technology and its costs
Project Results
(after finalisation)
LAUNCH will develop a solvent qualification program that will significantly lower the cost and time for solvent testing to 100 k? and 2 months respectively. This program will be applicable to all amine solvents, current and future, open-access as well as proprietary solvents. The LAUNCH solvent qualification program, including the drawings of a LAUNCH rig to be used in the designed tests, will be made available to the public. LAUNCH will accelerate the development of novel solvents and the implementation of CO2 capture in various industries. The LAUNCH solvent qualification program will provide guidelines on how to de-risk solvent-flue gas combinations. Within LAUNCH, fundamental knowledge will be gained. This knowledge will be used to develop a cost-effective strategy to control degradation, thus allowing the operation of CO2 capture plants under stable conditions for the lifetime of the plant.
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 TNO Coordinator Netherlands
2 SINTEF AS Partner Norway
3 University of Sheffield Partner United Kingdom
4 RWE Power Aktiengesellschaft Partner Germany
5 NTNU Partner Norway
6 AVR Partner Netherlands
7 Biobe AS Partner Norway
8 Doosan Partner United Kingdom
9 University of Edinburgh Partner United Kingdom
10 Los Alamos National Laboratory Partner United States