Project: Advanced Indirectly Heated Carbonate Looping Process

Acronym ANICA (Reference Number: 299653)
Duration 01/09/2019 - 31/08/2022
Project Topic Decrease the costs for CO2 capture from lime and cement plants below 25 EUR/t by developing novel IHCaL process concepts - Aim at net negative CO2 emissions by- Reduce energy requirements and equipment costs through development of new reactor concepts. - Demonstrate IHCaL technology in relevant environment (i.e. TRL 6) by long-term pilot tests at 300 kWth scale - Enable fast and reliable scale-up of the technology by developing accurate 1D and 3D models - Provide a basis for comparing the IHCaL process with competitive CO2 capture solutions by evaluating risks, economic performance, and environmental impact - Accelerate the deployment of IHCaL technology by providing the basic design, plant layout and a cost estimation of a semi-industrial IHCaL demonstration plant at 20 MWth scale on a cement production site utilizing waste derived fuels with a high biogenic fraction - Achieve more than 90 % utilization of sorbent as raw material for lime and cement production
Project Results
(after finalisation)
The IHCaL technology has been validated in relevant environment by tests in a 300 kWth pilot plant with synthetic flue gas (TRL 5). This project will move the IHCaL technology to next level of maturity by demonstrating the technology in a real environment by tests in an upgraded 300 kWth pilot plant with real flue gas (TRL 6). It will prepare the basis for system prototype demonstration in operational environment by the basic design of a 20 MWth demonstration plant (TRL 7). The project will provide an assessment of IHCaL integration concepts, which will allow end users of lime and cement plant to evaluate this technology in comparison with other CCS solutions. Based on the results of this project, a follow-up project can start to build and operate a 20 MWth IHCaL demonstration plant at semi-industrial scale. The successful operation of such a 20 MWth plant will encourage the realization of a commercial cement plant with integrated IHCaL technology around the year 2030.
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Technische Universität Darmstadt Coordinator Germany
2 Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Partner Germany
3 VDZ gGmbH Partner Germany
4 thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG Partner Germany
5 Lhoist Germany Rheinkalk GmbH Partner Germany
6 Dyckerhoff GmbH Partner Germany
7 SUEZ Deutschland Gmb Partner Germany
8 ESTRA Energy Technology Strategies Ltd Partner United Kingdom
9 Ulster University Partner United Kingdom
10 Calix Europe Limited Partner United Kingdom
11 Centre for Research and Technology Hellas Partner Greece
12 CaO Hellas Partner Greece