Project: Work with no stress about the stress

Acronym StayActive (Reference Number: aal-2013-6-126)
Duration 01/04/2014 - 01/10/2016
Project Topic Prevention in the working environment should seek to avoid giving situations that may cause stress. The idea of StayActive is to provide older adults with a personalized, adaptable tool which can monitor biological signals and recommend and present various relaxation activities “just-in-time” in order to allow them to carry out and solve everyday tasks and problems at work. Proposed techniques allow monitoring the body's response under real conditions, even in the workplace, without interfering with the normal activity of the people. In this way negative or adverse psychosocial environment can be identified, as well as protective factors, buffers that protect people against potentially harmful influences. Specific exercises and techniques will teach to control the physiological effects of stress and to reduce the symptoms perceived as unpleasant or negative that consequently creates anxiety. The best known and practiced today are those: Relaxation techniques, respiration techniques and meditation and mental relaxation. These are the kind of techniques that StayActive system will propose. It is important to note that although these techniques do not prevent or reverse the problem, teach how to control the physiological effects of stress.The target group of StayActive are older adults (+55) that perform various working activities in an office or in a factory. For the pilot StayActive system, extensive lab and field trials will be conducted in Romania and Austria (in cooperation with CURE). These trials are scheduled to last 5 month and will involve at least 30 participants per trail. Currently, there are no competing mobile products on the market for stress control offering the StayActive services. Marketing for the StayActive system will be made on scientific conferences, medial trade shows such as Medical, and other industry and safety fairs.We anticipate a time to market of 2-3 years after the project's finalization.
Network AAL
Call Call 6 – Supporting occupation in life for older adults

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Ana Aslan International Foundation Romania
Center for Usability Research and Engineering Austria
Elearning Studios Ltd United Kingdom
GLUK ADVICE Netherlands
HI-Iberia Ingenieria y Proyectos SL Spain
RGB Medical Devices, SA Spain
Universidade da Madeira Portugal
University of Geneva Switzerland