Project: REaltime VOLunteering solUTION

Acronym REVOLUTION (Reference Number: aal-2013-6-129)
Duration 01/06/2014 - 01/06/2016
Project Topic Occupation is crucial for giving people a purpose in life. Our project idea addresses the fields of voluntary, unpaid occupation of people in the post-employment phase. REVOLUTION is an innovative, ICT-based solution for promoting and assisting voluntary services. The innovation lies in the use of real-time data and decisions, to be able to react on requests on a very shortterm base. Also, various sensors and information sources will be used and combined to recognize or even predict behaviour and help in real-time matching possible volunteers to incoming requests (current service offerings of voluntary services are designed for organizing planned tasks). The project develops a framework for “real-time volunteering” and, on top of that, three example services: 1. Mobility Service (arranging local rides to a specified place – select the possible drivers in “real-time”), 2. Shopping Service (shopping of requested items – search for volunteers who are shopping right now or soon in the area of the requestor), 3. Help at home (short-term assistance for people at home – quickly and easily find a volunteer in case of unforeseen events). The REVOLUTION framework contains innovative functions like human activity prediction, smart real-time selection, real-time user feedback and speech recognition. In contrast to commercial assistance providers, our service will be launched as a free service for end-users. We will set up local partnerships with communities, social care organisations and insurance companies as multipliers to promote the service for a low basic fee. The end-user organisations of the consortium show a strong interest and their volunteers and potential help requestors will test the pilot application. Having both web-based and mobile front-ends, the REVOLUTION platform will be accessible for end-user with all current devices, from everywhere, to bring together local needs and voluntary assistance in all situations of daily life.
Network AAL
Call Call 6 – Supporting occupation in life for older adults

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Ana Aslan International Foundation Romania
CREAGY AG Switzerland
CURE - Center for Usability Research & Engineering Austria
Diakonie München Moosach Germany
Hochschule Luzern – Technik & Architektur, CEESAR-iHomeLab Switzerland
Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH Austria
terzStiftung Switzerland
XIM Limited United Kingdom
YouPers AG Switzerland