Project: Experiences keep people Active

Acronym ExpAct (Reference Number: aal-2013-6-101)
Duration 01/09/2014 - 01/11/2016
Project Topic ExpAct enables and supports older adults to overcome barriers to fully use their occupational potential – their experience. The aim is to get primary end-users (PE) engaged in professional and voluntary work. Their skills and expertise are too valuable to be left unused. Supporting occupation will keep individuals more active, motivated, socially included, self-managed and valued. PE and secondary end-users (SE, incl. organisations) that demand experience have difficulties accessing these valuable competences and know-how. ExpAct is a catalyser for the allocation of know-how PE possess. ExpAct addresses PE that are willing to stay occupied by making their experiences available to others. Often PE are not aware of their potentials based on experiences. ExpAct will help to surface this potential (supply side). The 2. target group are PE and SE (e.g. companies, NPOs) on the demand side, consuming and benefiting from the provided expertise. Additionally SE are enabled to realize own business cases using ExpAct. ExpAct is based on technological and process innovation. Besides services for PE and SE a web-based platform will be developed. The architecture will allow multi-site functionalities, software localization, customization, scalability and extensibility. This will enriched by a holistic process repository, a unique usability and secure accessibility. ExpAct acts as a scalable meta business model for various business cases based on the solution proposed. SE, like the operators of the pilot applications, can launch their own communities involving PE and SE based on the central ExpAct platform. A service fee and/or provisions of the turnover will generate revenues. PE will use the solution for free. Services will be marketed by a Social Franchise System. PE and SE will be strongly involved in the analysis and development phase. 7 pilot applications in AT, IT, GER and CH are planned to gain end-user feedback. Approx. 6150 PE and 425 SE will actively participate.
Network AAL
Call Call 6 – Supporting occupation in life for older adults

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Aktivsenioren e.V. Germany
Alpnet Engineering AG Switzerland
Andrássy University of Budapest Hungary
Ethical Software Soc. Coop. Italy
European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano Italy
KMU-Plattform GmbH Austria
powerAge Foundation Switzerland
Projekt 50 Modell gGmbH Germany
RF-Embedded GmbH Germany
University of Innsbruck - Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism Austria
ZHAW School of Management and Law Switzerland