Project: Adaptive system for enabling the elderly collaborative knowledge transference to small companies

Acronym Elders-Up! (Reference Number: aal-2013-6-131)
Duration 01/07/2014 - 01/01/2017
Project Topic For many elderly, their jobs represent the way of feeling useful for themselves and the society and also for having goals which keeps them motivated. The elderly are very experienced which is a highly valuable asset at work. The main idea behind Elders-Up! project is to bring the valuable experience of elderly to small companies and start-ups, addressing intergenerational knowledge transfer. One of the main challenges which Elders-Up! project aims to reach is to provide the elderly a tool which enables to team up and create work teams, consisting in several seniors which have professional experience in matters that could be very useful for small companies. This elderly group which work collaboratively by means of the Elders-Up! collaborative & adaptive workspace which will: i) adapt the interface and content of the workspace to the cognitive conditions and the attention of the user in order to provide them an easy interaction and usage, ii) engage and motivate the elderly in optimal collaboration in the work team for a prolonged period of time and, iii) protect the elderly from fail into apathy and frailty after their retirement by providing them means to keep their minds active and to transfer their valuable knowledge. The Elders-Up! project will build an ecosystem for collaboration on which the seniors already retired and small companies provide benefits to each other, thus strengthening the European business, the creation of an elderly experts workforce and maintaining the seniors motivation and usefulness to the society.
Network AAL
Call Call 6 – Supporting occupation in life for older adults

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Assistance Publiques-Hôpitaux de Paris / Hôpital Broca France
CleverCherry Ltd United Kingdom
connectedcare services b.v. Netherlands
Elderly Care Center Agia Marina Cyprus
GeoImaging Ltd Cyprus
Ingenieria y Soluciones Informaticas del Sur S.L. Spain
Optimizacion orientada a la sostenibilidad S.L. Spain
Red Ninja United Kingdom
Stockport City Council United Kingdom
Strovolos Community Volunteerism Council Cyprus
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania