Project: GeTVivid Let's do things together

Acronym GeTVivid (Reference Number: aal-2012-5-200)
Duration 01/07/2013 - 01/07/2016
Project Topic "GeTVivid – Let’s do things together" aims at supporting older adults with mild impairments (e.g., restricted mobility, hearing or vision impairments) to manage their daily activities in their home in order to improve quality of life and autonomy. Equipping their home with different technologies is not the solution to create a perfect home environment, but already available technologies can make a useful contribution. The goal of GeTVivid is to offer a useful and valuable set of AAL-related services as well as formal and informal carers through the use of European Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Television (HbbTV). This is realized by combining HbbTV application(s) running on a television set with a mobile second screen (i.e. tablet or mobile phone with touch) as input devices and service backend. The HbbTV standard, which is already supported by many currently available TVs and set-top boxes, allows us to build a rich set of different services running on a television platform that will not restrict the access to it like other existing solutions (e.g., IPTV). The initially proposed services will be (1) a help exchange system enabling older adults to offer/ask for support for daily life activities to/from other older adults, who are living in geographical closeness; this network can be extended incrementally from the direct surrounding to family members and then to formal carers; (2) an access to service providers like meals on wheels, house-keeping, or taxi; and (3) support functions like reminders (e.g., for medication intake), or news. The user remains integrated in the social life and is enabled to master daily activities and has easy and on-demand access to regional professional service providers. In the project a user-centered design approach will be applied and the users’ roles will be clearly defined at the beginning of the project (i.e. users needs and preferences, opinions on and suggestions for the developed solutions and evaluation activities).
Network AAL
Call Call 5 – Daily Life Activities

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
CURAVIVA Verband Heime und Institutionen Schweiz Switzerland
EURAG Österreich Austria
Hövener & Trapp Evision GmbH Germany
Institut fuer Rundfunktechnik GmbH Germany
Ingeniería y soluciones informaticas del Sur. S.L. Spain
Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg Austria
University of St. Gallen, Institute of Information Management Switzerland
Verein für Menschen mit Körperbehinderung Nürnberg e.V. Germany