Project: Platform for Stimulation of Physical and Mental Activity of Elders

Acronym Happy Walker (Reference Number: aal-2011-4-088)
Duration 01/09/2012 - 01/09/2015
Project Topic Older adults, from 60 years onwards, may experience problems due to ageing, resulting in limited mobility and participation in society. The current products on the market supporting mobility, such as route navigation, are not tailored to the needs and preferences of this target group. The Happy Walker presents an innovative idea of an easily accessible and affordable platform facilitating a consistent, intuitive set of mobility enhancement services. The platform is open to a variety of services, e.g. personal travel assistant, social alarm, vital coach, community calendar, navigator. The services can be accessed through a mobile interface attached to products which older adults use when they travel (e.g. a bike or a walker). The services are personalized for characteristics of the user (profiling) and contextualized for characteristics of trips and environment. Development of the Happy Walker concept will start with an analysis of user needs and co-creation of services involving end-users. The service platform will be set up and the prototypes of the Happy Walker device(s) and three services will be developed. The platform will be based on recent trends in (mobile) services, and proven technology from project partners and other parties. Trials will be conducted in two countries, involving two groups of older adults living independently at home: one with mild and one more severe (widely spread) functional and cognitive limitations. The consortium includes partners with complementary background and expertise, who have long experience in the development of similar type of applications for the older adults. They are dedicated to make Happy Walker a functional and commercial success. To achieve this, a sound business case for the Happy Walker will be developed. The Happy Walker platform, device and services will facilitate ageing people to independently move about outdoors and stimulating active participation in society
Network AAL
Call Call 4 – Mobility

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Agencia de Servicios Sociales y Dependencia de Andalucía Spain
CIBEK technology+trading GmbH Germany
Eljakim Information Technology B.V. The Netherlands
I+ srl Italy
Innovaciones Sociosanitarias S.L. Spain
Linkcare Health Services Spain
Logica Healthcare Netherlands The Netherlands
Nederlands Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek TNO The Netherlands
Utrecht University of Applied Sciences The Netherlands
Verhaert New Products & Services N.V. Belgium
Vilans The Netherlands
VISION Sistemas de Localizacion, S.L. Spain
Stichting Zorgpalet Baarn-Soest The Netherlands