Project: Navigation Support for Older Travellers with Memory Decline

Acronym NavMem (Reference Number: aal-2011-4-122)
Duration 01/10/2012 - 01/01/2016
Project Topic In 2050 about 30-35 Mio EU citizens will suffer from cognitive impairments, such age-related memory declines or mild cognitive impairments. These impairments are often correlated with difficulties in orientation and navigation, which occur as disorientation events. People that experienced these events often develop the fear of getting lost and consequently stay at home. Commercial systems to guide people that are lost exist (such as navigation systems for mobile devices) but they do not hold the balance between providing support, but engaging & avoiding patronizing their users. We aim at countering the fear of getting lost, by making it manageable: disorientation events will be detected and support can be obtained from the system or relatives via phone. The technology to be employed will be based on smartphones, which are widely available and therefore lower the barrier of market distribution. Navigation information based on landmarks will be provided by NAVTEQ’s MapTP API, Voice and Natural Guidance. Building up on the results of the EU-funded projects ENABLED, MICOLE, and HAPTIMAP we will provide multimodal cues (vision, hearing, touch) to ensure that navigation information is provided in a comprehensible and accessible way. To overcome the fear of getting lost a “safety line” alarm system will be evolved based on the results of the E-ADEPT EU project. NAVEVO will create revenue from commercializing the navigation application via existing distribution channels (e.g. Nokia OVI store). NAVTEQ will create revenue from licensing navigation services and using the project results to acquire new customers for these services. ASTANDO will create revenue from working with municipalities and cities by adapting the alarm system to their needs. End users will be continuously integrated in the initial analyses (WP1) and the development (WP2). Further, a 12 months field trial with 30 participants will ensure that the results are usable by the potential end users.
Network AAL
Call Call 4 – Mobility

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Astando AB Sweden
FUNKA Nu AB Sweden
Navevo United Kingdom
NAVEX Limited United Kingdom
NAVTEQ B.V. The Netherlands
OFFIS Institute for Information Technology Germany
Roessingh Research and Development The Netherlands
Siemens IT Solutions and Services GmbH Germany
Swedish Stroke Association Sweden
University of Lund Sweden