Project: Mobility safeguarding assistance service with community functionality for people with dementia

Acronym CONFIDENCE (Reference Number: aal-2011-4-024)
Duration 01/06/2012 - 01/06/2015
Project Topic CONFIDENCE targets elderly people with mild or moderate dementia, for whom assisted living at home should be made possible in order to prolong their active participation in social life and in order to alleviate the strain on public care services as well as on families who are burdened with providing care either directly or via cost-intensive public or private care organisations. The project offers the combination of service innovation with state of the art mobile communications technology and location based computing, within the legal frameworks of the participating organisations: the idea is to offer sufferers of mild and moderate dementia, real-time assistance via mobile phone and geo-tracking technology when they suddenly suffer from orientation loss and feel insecure. The service innovation is to involve volunteers and family members in the provision of these on-line, mobile assistive services via a community portal to provide cooperative care. To keep the service costs reasonably low, we will establish a credits-earning system based on emerging mobile payment technology. The consortium encompasses the full value network including experienced care organisations with direct access to customers (elderly people and their families), large communications and data security service providers, innovative SME technology providers, and research organisations with excellent track records in delivering applied research products that are ready for introduction in new markets. End user trials will be conducted in three countries which have differing requirements due to the organisational culture of their social service systems.
Network AAL
Call Call 4 – Mobility

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
"Ana ASLAN" international Academy of Ageing Romania
Hilfswerk Salzburg Austria
Hochschule Luzern Technik & Architektur CEESAR - iHomeLab Switzerland
ilogs mobile software GmbH Austria
Kanton Zug – Direktion des Innern – Kantonales Sozialamt Switzerland
Presence Displays BV. The Netherlands
Raiffeisenlandesbank Kärnten - Rechenzentrum und Revisionsverband Austria
Ralph Eichenberger Szenografie Cinematografie Fotografie Switzerland
Swisscom Participations Ldt Switzerland
Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H Austria
terzStiftung Switzerland