Project: Game-based mobility training and motivation of senior citizens

Acronym GAMEUP (Reference Number: aal-2011-4-090)
Duration 01/04/2012 - 01/04/2015
Project Topic Mobility problems are very common at the older age and reduce quality of life. It has been proven that mobility can be worsened by reduced physical activity and lack of self-efficacy (person's belief in their own competence). Breaking this vicious circle is the main objective of GAMEUP. We will create an AAL solution based on social games designed to tackle the motivational and physical barriers of older people’s mobility. Our solution is aiming at people above 60 years with mobility problems worsened by low self-efficacy and lack of motivation (e.g. people afraid, without a reason, of standing up without help). GAMEUP approach is mainly based on social games technologies. Funny social games will be design to motivate users together with traditional coaching from professionals and peers. For example, the games will provide tips to the users based on their personal goals and motivational status. Games controlled by the physical movement of the users will be used to strength their legs and balance and also increase their self-efficacy. If users manage to stand up from their chair to play a game with their friends they may be more motivated to do so in real life. The GAMEUP game and application ecosystem will be based on low-costs components (e.g. TV set-top-box, tablets and motion sensors). The exploitation of GAMEUP solution will be lead by the companies involved in the project that have extensive business experience in AAL and gaming technologies. We will look at business strategies combining models from both the gaming and the AAL industry and more traditional approaches (e.g. solutions for nursing homes). GAMEUP includes end-users partners representing a rural community area, a senior club in a local church and a rehabilitation clinic where old patients go for rehabilitation after they fell. Enduser involvement includes user-driven development and participation in exploitation and dissemination.
Network AAL
Call Call 4 – Mobility

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Cyberlab.Org AS Norway
Tromsøysund menighet Norway
Fundacion Rural Lab Spain
IBERNEX Ingenieria S.L. Spain
Instituto Vasco de Innovación Sanitaria Spain
Northern Research Intstitute Tromsø AS Norway
Universidad de Sevilla Spain
Rehabilitationszentrum Valens Switzerland