Project: Way Finding for Seniors

Acronym WayFiS (Reference Number: aal-2010-3-014)
Duration 01/03/2011 - 01/09/2013
Project Topic The WayFiS project aim at improving the capability of seniors to plan, manage and execute travel and transportation projects at their own discretion, taking part in the self-serve society.The idea is transportation with route planning, such that the person feels healthy/well & safe while traveling alone (most probably alone).The target group of the project is elderly people (between 70-85) not familiar with ICT and the use of technologies, usually living alone and with health limitations due to aging. For this focused group the limitations regarding travelling in unfamiliar environments could cause: isolation, unhealthy, mobility limitations, etc. WayFiS is personalized route planning based in user profiles considering the health state of the person and common behaviors e.g difficulty with walking long-distances or difficulty of making a high-step into bus/train, often leaving bag/personal belongings unattended and hence must include information for whole journey (minimum physical activity, physical barriers, nutrition needs, disease’s restrictions) and for the destination place(accessibilities, facilities,etc) The innovation of WayFiS is development a personalized way finding for elderly people (public transport and on foot) centered in making the elderly feel healthy-well and safe (not technology centered), taking into account their specific limitations and healthy habits, with the challenge of aggregation of huge amount of information from different sources and including them into one mobile service with an intuitive interface. The business model envisage for the project is based in a downloadable application for the mobile with different services, one free with the route planning, and one plus (with charge) including extra-services. Both of them will include advertising from restaurants, pharmacies, super,etc. CETIEX, as spanish elderly end-user organisation will be involved in the project from the definition to the trials in Extremadura (spanish region)
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Network AAL
Call Call 3 – Self-serve Society

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
ArxIT SA Switzerland
Bay Zoltán Foundation For Applied Research, Institute for Applied Telecommunication Technologies Hungary
Centro Tecnológico Industrial de Extremadura Spain
HI-Iberia Ingenieria y Proyectos SL Spain
Krétai Szent András Alapítvány Hungary
University of Geneva Switzerland