Project: Solution Assisting the Shop Hopping of Elderly

Acronym ELDERHOP (Reference Number: aal-2010-3-037)
Duration 01/09/2011 - 01/01/2014
Project Topic The ELDERHOP project aims to provide a complex solution to elderly people wanting to be able to keep up active participation in one of the decisive, important and social activities they like doing on a daily basis – shopping. The lack of up-to-date information, common health problems and anxiety can make even shopping disappointing and require a great deal of effort to conduct for people targeted by ElderHop - elderly above the age of 65. Thus, we propose a combination of open-source mobile technology and TV based service that supports elderly wishing to go out and conduct shopping in each step of this activity process. The service will help elderly get up-to-date information about discounts of local stores; help them find their way to these, decrease their anxiety on the way through providing emergency call service and having basic medical information available. ElderHop will also help elderly see the public transportation schedules and provide up-to-date information about delays, furthermore it will help them see well the prices of products in the stores and make sure payment is possible even if they are not able to see the font on cash or cannot remember the passwords for their credit cards. When bringing ElderHop onto the market we will approach mostly such open traditionalists, who cannot or do not want to conduct shopping remotely from their homes, instead they want to do traditional shopping trips and are open to use simple IT devices to assist them. The exploitation policy of ElderHop aims to focus its revenue streams primarily on businesses who can benefit of elderly using our solutions through increased sales or providing TV or mobile phone based personalized advertisement based on shopping habits and interests. ELDERHOP will involve users extensively in the requirements analysis, the usability engineering and evaluation tasks. We will follow an iterative development approach, gathering and considering end-user feedback throughout the whole project.
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Network AAL
Call Call 3 – Self-serve Society

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
COOSS Marche Italy
create-mediadesign GmbH Austria
Center for Usability Research and Engineering Austria
Homesys Media Ltd. Hungary
Integrasys S.A. Spain
KIBU Innováció Nonprofit Kft. Hungary
Mobility and Multimedia Coordination Office Nonprofit Ltd. Hungary