Project: Smart technologies for self-service to seniors in social housing

Acronym HOST (Reference Number: aal-2010-3-041)
Duration 01/05/2011 - 01/11/2013
Project Topic The HOST project aims to provide an answer to the needs of the today Social Housing requirements to enrich the life of the elderly people living in the current social house park. The partners of the project will develop a digital infrastructure of the social housing and a gateway to their services. In the modern digital society, people can avail of an increasing number of products, services…via ICT. This new self-serve society is founded on the awareness of ICT but also on the ability to successfully access the right channels. The complex skills needed to benefit from the current technological framework, tend to exclude an increasing number of elderly people. They do not have a sufficient awareness to identify and use the adequate technologies. This limit can prevent elderly people to make the most of the independence in the rest of society uses. In this context, social housing constitutes the application domain to offer appropriate housing conditions to the individuals with special needs and who cannot afford market prices and rents. This population is mostly composed of seniors with low incomes. But several examples show that social operators are using more and more ICT to improve the elders’ quality of life and independence. Within the project, the technologies being nearly ready to use, the access to market depends mainly on strong trials and a large dissemination, so the proposed idea is (i) to promote awareness of independent control among older consumers in selecting their own appropriate responses to requirements for a self-serve solution system; (ii) to enrich the life of the elderly living in the current social house park, by developing the digital infrastructure of the social housing, and a gateway to their services; (iii) to afford elderly in social housing with a large panel of ICT services and communication with and between their service providers and the “circle of support” composed of the family and local services, both public and private.
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Network AAL
Call Call 3 – Self-serve Society

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
ADAMA France
BioResult Italy
National Research Council Construction Technologies Institute Italy
Conseil Général du Rhône/ERASME France
Nottingham Community Housing Association Ltd United Kingdom
OPAC du Rhone France
TriplePlay Services Ltd United Kingdom
Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble 1– AGIM Research Laboratory France
University of Valencia-Polibienestar Research Centre Spain