Project: Virtual network to empower the integration of senior into an active community in the post retirement

Acronym SeniorEngage (Reference Number: aal-2009-2-004)
Duration 01/12/2010 - 01/12/2012
Project Topic The ageing of the population is one of the significant transformations being experienced in European societies and one of the major social policy issues facing families, governments and communities. The evaluation of current demographic data regarding the ageing of population imposes a reconsideration of some key concepts which are not merely political or sociological: age-war and clash of generations concern not only economic and social parameters but also culture and mentality issues, which are usually to be dealt at a national or even regional level. Senior citizens, upon retirement from their working lives, often experience a tremendous sense of loss and social exclusion. Given the rapidly ageing European population – with more and more older adults retiring and slipping into a sedentary and solitary lifestyle – this issue urgently needs to be addressed. The commercial objective of the project is to offer a web-based learning system especially adapted for senior citizens, in a relatively short time (less than 5 years). The platform will represent a virtual environment where senior citizens (retired professionals) can, on the one hand learn, and on the other hand, be connected to others, offering their expertise and continuing to actively participate in their profession, for a mutually beneficial educational and social exchange. SENIORENGAGE will improve the quality of life of retired and semi-retired seniors by providing them with an outlet for sharing their professional knowledge and allowing them to continue to feel active and useful in their field. While senior professionals may feel physically disconnected from their profession as they no longer work in an office setting and therefore no longer enjoy the camaraderie and companionship of colleagues, SENIORENGAGE users will be able to regain similar social relationships regardless of the fact that they are no longer a part of the job force
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
ATEKNEA Solutions Hungary Kft Hungary
Centre de Recerca i Investigació de Catalunya S.A Spain
Center for Usability Research & Engineering Austria
JAMK University of Applied Sciences Finland
Microlink PC (UK) Ltd United Kingdom