Project: Maintaining and Measuring Mental Wellness

Acronym M3W (Reference Number: aal-2009-2-109)
Duration 01/12/2011 - 01/06/2015
Project Topic Change of mental abilities is normal. People over 65 and especially over 80 are typically affected. To recognize if normal deterioration turns into mental disorder is not easy for specialists, even less for relatives or friends. Playing games and solving puzzles are popular tools for keeping the mind fresh. There are many websites with on-line games, but only few are designed for the elderly as far as content, ergonomics, psychology, abilities, etc. are concerned Also, an increasing number of websites are available for the 50+, 60+ and older but they rarely offer on-line games. Finally, some websites address mental hygiene, freshness and disorders, but rarely offer computerized games or build multicultural communities. A striking difference between traditional and computerized games is that the latter are able to collect behavioural data in order to measure mental (and to some extent: motoric) abilities and especially their changes over time. However, “measuring is knowing”: if we can measure states and especially state changes in a scientifically sound way and a strictly controlled environment then we can provide better and more timely help for the elderly and their families. Our goal is to measure and visualize mental tendencies in an entertaining way, and give warnings or in certain cases alarms that it is advisable to visit a physician. Our ambition is to compare one's mental wellness to his/her own past mental conditions. Our objectives are the followings: a) An entertaining mental wellness toolset (MWT) for self-use to provide maintenance as well as measurement facilities for elderly persons' mental and motoric condition in order to detect changes and tendencies; b) A scientifically sound methodology, suitable for clinical validation, for the above measurement and the evaluation of measurement data; c) A multinational/multicultural mental wellness community, backed with a multilingual website, offering the MWT, consultancy services, forums, etc.
Network AAL

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Actimage Ltd. Luxembourg
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Biomedical Engineering Knowledge Centre Hungary
Commino Software Ltd. Israel
Danish Technological Institute Denmark
Fundación Andaluza de Servicios Sociales, Área de Nuevas Tecnologías Spain
Frontida Zois Ltd. Greece
Gaudiopolis Retirement Home Hungary
Ville de Grenoble France
Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Hungary
Silver Kiadó Ltd. Hungary
Zurich University of Applied Sciences Switzerland