Project: Express to Connect

Acronym E2C (Reference Number: aal-2009-2-094)
Duration 01/03/2010 - 01/03/2013
Project Topic The objective for the E2C consortium is to transform the proven concept of the Storytable® working in an institutional frame, and develop, test and deploy a personal version valuable in a setting of the private home. This is done by applying specific, relevant media-content and social media principles (as seen on for instance YouTube and Facebook) which are not broadly used by elderly people today. With personal storytelling as an enabler for unfolding one’s own creative potential as a driver for story- and interest-based social interactions among elderly people and the caring community the personal story table helps making elderly people living more joyful and satisfying lives. The Express to Connect (E2C) proposal addresses the overall European challenge of preventing loneliness and isolation amongst elderly people as stated in this AAL-call. The E2C solution is targeted at a point in the service ecology (value chain) where it can contribute to a decrease in care- and health related sociable costs, and a rise in life quality among elderly people. There is no tradition for stipulating the sociable cost of loneliness and isolation among elderly people. Never the less it seems to be of great relevance to advance it this area. The E2C project will as an integrated part of the project develop clear estimates of the cost of loneliness and isolation, and thereby create a firm understanding of the commercial potential in an E2C solution preventing loneliness. The consortium will apply a user-driven innovation approach to the development of the new solution, that ensure the final result will be alligned with important needs of elderly people in risk of loneliness and isolation.
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Network AAL

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Copenhagen Living Lab Denmark
Forum Virium Helsinki Finland
Halmstad Municipality Sweden
Halmstad University Sweden
Heutink Netherlands
Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu Oy Finland
Active Seniors Association Finland
Multi Media Table BV Netherlands
Substanz Denmark
Waag Society Netherlands