Project: User-Sensitive Home-based Systems for Successful Ageing in a Networked Society

Acronym AGNES (Reference Number: aal-2008-1-014)
Duration 01/09/2009 - 01/09/2012
Project Topic The objective is to provide a user-sensitive ICT-based home environment that supports a personalized and person-centric care process by detecting, communicating, and meaningfully responding to relevant states, situations, and activities of the elderly person with regard to mild cognitive impairment or dementia. Central to the proposed idea is the combination and integration of home-based ICT and social networks, connecting the elderly person living at home with their families, friends and carers, on various levels. The project will provide the technological means to leverage the power of social networks and the beneficial effect of social inclusion and activities on cognitive and mental processes. Detecting subjective states and activities of the elderly and communicating them to caring persons also allows for a much better tailored and timely response, attention and care, at the same time as it reduces feelings of loneliness and insecurity. The aim is to prevent and manage chronic conditions such as cognitive impairment or dementia, by gentle and consistent social and cognitive stimulation and timely response to detected states, situations or activities, so as to improve and maintain the well-being and independence of the elderly living in their own homes and reduce healthcare costs. To support these functions, easy-to-use ambient devices will be deployed as a means of interaction between the network and the elderly person. All interaction approaches and devices will be designed and tested (including psychological and sociological impact) by means of a strictly user-centred methodology, with intensive user involvement at all stages of the project. The approach will be modular, starting with basic networking services, and adding components of increasing sophistication, constituting a range of products for future exploitation. Because the project includes partners from many parts of Europe, we will be able to ensure deployment of a broad range of future AAL products.
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Network AAL

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
CanControls Germany
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. Germany
Fundacion Instituto Gerontologico Matía Spain
Graz University of Technology Austria
KMOP Greece
ModernFamilies Austria
Onda Communication S.p.A. Italy
Research and Education Laboratory in Information Technologies - Athens Information Technology Greece
Skellefteå Kommun Sweden
Umeå University Sweden
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia Spain