Project: enhanced Complete Ambient Assissted Experiment

Acronym eCaalyx (Reference Number: aal-2008-1-032)
Duration 01/05/2009 - 01/07/2012
Project Topic Europe faces a social change, which is brought about by extraordinary demographic change: the share of elderly people to the entire population is consistently growing, while the share of the youngest, especially the working population is decreasing. Besides, ageing combined with an increasing burden of chronic, concurrent diseases threatens to make current models of healthcare unsustainable. Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), as a specific user-oriented type of ?Ambient Intelligence?, may greatly help in this situation. AAL aims to prolong the time people live in a decent more independent way by increasing their autonomy, self-confidence, health and quality of life, by improved monitoring and care of the elderly with comorbidity. The main objective is to develop an efficient AAL solution for the addressed chronic conditions that can provide reliable long-term and maintenance-free operation in non-technical environments, thus, ready for real-world deployment. This solution without adding technical complexity will improve the elder?s quality of life by assessing their health risk, by monitoring and controlling their health status and by teaching them how to manage their chronic conditions so that their independent living at home can be extended. Additionally, it will allow comprehensive and coordinated global treatment from different doctors of patients suffering from comorbidity resulting in a much more efficient treatment. Practical deployment aspects such as remote management and auto-configuration mechanisms will also be developed such that long-term large-scale deployment is possible with reduced operating costs. Finally, eCAALYX can be easily integrated into the contemporary technological infrastructure of most European network operators and homes and will be also available when users visit their second homes: while on holidays in Southern Europe or during extended stays with their relatives possibly living in other European countries.
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Network AAL

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Cetemmsa Spain
Corscience GmbH & Co KG Germany
Ev. Krankenhaus Witten gGmbH Germany
Fraunhofer Portugal Portugal
Fundació Hospital Comarcal Sant Antoni Abat Spain
Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores do Porto Portugal
National University of Ireland Galway Ireland
Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo Spain
TeleMedic Systems Ltd United Kingdom
University of Limerick Ireland
University of Plymouth Enterprise Ltd United Kingdom
Zentrum für kardiovaskuläre Telemedizin GmbH Germany