Project: Development of a non-invasive CAPacitive sensor oral MOUSE interface for the disabled elderly

Acronym CAP MOUSE (Reference Number: aal-2008-1-203)
Duration 15/06/2009 - 15/09/2012
Project Topic The CAP MOUSE project is developing a novel non-invasive capacitive sensor technology based oral interface for the elderly with chronic conditions to control electronic devices (i.e. mobile devices, wheelchairs etc.), offering novel assistive services that increase people?s moveability, ability to cope independently with (Instrumental) Activities of Daily Living, retain their quality of life and participate actively in the society. The main innovation of this project is the novel solution of a tongue controlled oral interface and the level of integration with additional applications (via developed interfaces) by using a simple ?PnP? method. With a non-invasive modus operandi, CAP MOUSE uses external capacitive sensors mounted on a CAP MOUSE headset to scan tongue movement and feed the signal into a processing unit that extracts and translates features from the signal into e.g. mouse movements and commands of the integrated Mobile Device, thereby replacing the entire keyboard or any other device. The RTD of the project is carried out to prepare a functional and user-tested prototype by the end of the project (M30) ready to be launched to the market within 2 years after the project. The prototype will represent a particular application for wheelchair auxiliary function control. In the future, the Mobile Device platform (i.e. the headset, the Mobile Device and an end application/device/controller) will be developed further to be used to: 1) control devices other than a wheelchair, 2) control devices other than the Mobile Device cursor, 3) develop other types of plug-in applications besides aid for the elderly and disabled and 4) develop hands/limb-free control of devices for the able-bodied people. The solution is developed by a consortium of 2 SME partners, 1 market oriented business partner ? HMC International NV, Belgium and 1 primary end user ? PRO, Sweden covering the whole competence chain of the CAP MOUSE solution development.
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Network AAL

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Brusell Dental AS Norway
HMC International NV Belgium
LOTS Design I Göteborg AB Sweden
Pensionärernas Riksorganisation Sweden
Stinct AB Sweden