Project: Coaching system for functional exercise training of frail people with dementia

Acronym CO-TRAIN (Reference Number: aal-2016-3-029)
Duration 01/03/2017 - 01/06/2019
Project Topic Challenges addressed and AAL-solutions proposed: Frailty in persons with dementia interacts within a “vicious circle”, promoting a faster physical decline. On the one hand, cognitive deficits restrict the mobility and thereby the opportunities for any kind of physical activities, on the other hand, inactivity fosters further cognitive decline. This vicious circle should be interrupted in order to promote an active and meaningful life and provide the opportunity to stay at home for longer. 2. Target groups for the AAL-solution proposal: The proposal targets the following groups in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Primary: frail older adults with dementia; secondary: care organisations, informal and professional caregivers; tertiary: government/state social departments and social insurance companies 3. Technology to be employed: Smartphone-based motion sensors, algorithms and embedded software for movement analysis during exercise and computation of feedback on the performance of the exercise 4. Business model: The involved companies CareCenter Software GmbH (AT), Creagy AG (CH) and Synappz Mobile Health (NL) will market licenses for the mobile training software and access to the coaching platform. The product CO-TRAIN will clearly differentiate from common fitness-apps by (a) being tailored to frail people with dementia, (b) providing individual training plans and coaching by a physiotherapist, and (c) on-line feedback to selected exercises targeting stability in walking and muscle strength for increased mobility. 5. End user participation: The project involves 78 test persons with frailty and dementia in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherland. The three field trials will be conducted by the end-user organisations MAS Alzheimerhilfe (AT), terzStiftung (CH) and De Wever (NL). The end-user board will involve some persons with dementia, representatives from the three end-user organisations, Movisie and 2 social insurance companies.
Network AAL 2
Call Call 2016 - Living well with dementia

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH Austria
Carecenter Software GmbH Austria
Creagy AG Switzerland
De Wever The Netherlands
Kepler Universitätsklinikum GmbH Austria
MAS Alzheimerhilfe Austria
Movisie The Netherlands
Synappz Mobile Health The Netherlands
terzStiftung Switzerland