Project: Participative Activity and Learning Environment offering Targeted ICT Tools for the Elderly

Acronym PALETTEV2 (Reference Number: aal-2015-2-136)
Duration 01/04/2016 - 01/04/2019
Project Topic The project idea is fully demand driven, aiming at improvement of the quality of lifes of elderly. To achieve that the PALETTE project will introduce and promote the active use of ICT based solutions. Since elderly people are forced to go online to participate in modern society, the project aims to develop a comprehensive service platform, that is user centered (easy to learn). Main service areas: 1. Communication Tool: social activities and contacts (family, peers, others). 2. Health and Care Service Tool: living as independent individuals 3. Life long learning: keeping up to date (ICT, media, skills, personal finances, shopping) 4. Working (job acquisition and entrepreneurship support). Target groups • Primary: elderly living independently in their homes or in care centres • Secondary: formal and informal support or care providers (peers, family, teachers, nurses, doctors) As a result of implementating the PALETTE System a number of essential improvements of the quality of life for the elderly will be enabled: direct online teaching, online and offline learning, participating in joint community activities (games, sharing the experiences of everyday happenings), job acquisition and work. Technology Palette will consist of an interactive, easy accessible, web based system, offering the above services on a user friendly, intuitive, online platform that will support and invite the elderly to engage in contacts and activities that are (only) available via the internet. Business model Individuals may take a user license. Health and care centres, insurance companies may buy the solution to offer it to clients: empowerment of senior citizens and inclusion in social activities yields positive effects on their well being, leading to costs reductions in care. User participation will contribute to the needs definition and system design; testing by users will finetune the results.
Network AAL 2
Call Call 2015 – Living actively and independently at home

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
GERON Foundation Romania
SC SIVECO Romania SA Romania
University of Bucharest Romania
The Prava poteza Institute Slovenia
Knowledge Society Association Poland
Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center Poland
University Hospital of Geneva Switzerland
KempenLife Netherlands
Stichting Reflexion Netherlands
Stichting Smart Homes Netherlands
Vilans Netherlands