Project: Personalized web applications to improve quality of life and remote care for older adults

Acronym PersonAAL (Reference Number: aal-2014-1-063)
Duration 01/10/2015 - 01/10/2018
Project Topic The PersonAAL project aims at extending the time older people can live in their home environment by means of intelligent and intuitive web applications enabling users to receive personalized and context-dependent assistance with the goal to improve quality of life and decrease healthcare delivery cost. Target groups for the PersonAAL solution include: elderly people, formal and informal caregivers, and also developers which aims to author and customize web care applications. The project will provide developers with an authoring environment that will incorporate accessibility concerns and design for all principles during the application development, and a run-time support to adapt previously authored care applications to elderly users, their changing abilities, their environment and device features. In addition, the project will also develop an environment through which the informal caregivers will be allowed to easily and intuitively configure adaptation rules aimed at offering personalized services to the elderly. To ensure the privacy of the users a secure data layer provides encryption of sensitive data and a delegation mechanism. Moreover the project will use this environment to improve and optimize three existing support applications by adding personalization technology, in order they can be more effective and can better align with the needs of elderly. The PersonAAL business model is based on reducing the reliance on healthcare professionals and related costs by elderly persons that use self-management solutions by making the use of these solutions easier for elderly persons and enabling the exact matching of the solution with the capabilities and needs of the user. End users will be involved throughout the project's lifetime. Initially, interviews, focus groups and contextual inquiries will be used to collect statements about requirements. Later, user trials with prototypes, and pilot installations will make sure the solutions are usable and accessible.
Network AAL 2
Call Call 2014 – Care for the future

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa Portugal
Plux Wireless Biosignals, S.A Portugal
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Italy
Santer Reply SpA Italy
Hospital Organiser AS Norway
IBM Norway Norway
Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital Norway
Arpage AG Switzerland
terzStiftung Switzerland
Università della Svizzera italiana Switzerland
University of Siegen Germany
Stockholm University Sweden
Evalan The Netherlands
University Medical Center Utrecht The Netherlands