Project: Organizational Life Assistant for future active ageing

Acronym OLA (Reference Number: aal-2014-1-076)
Duration 01/03/2015 - 01/04/2018
Project Topic People in Europe are living longer with Total Fertility Rates plummeting to sub-replacement fertility. Considering probable future trends in demographic development and the constraints on public budgets and social security schemes, it is expected that there will be a paradoxal increase in demand for formal and informal care, despite diminishing resources. The Organizational Life Assistant’s (OLA) objective is to support instrumental and daily activities of the elderly that lives alone with living restrictions, in close interaction with caregivers. Through the integration of ICT-based solutions designed to enhance the autonomy levels of the elderly, OLA will facilitate the supply of care for older adults. OLA will help reconcile the increased demand for care with limited resources, relieving caregivers and habilitating them to care for a greater number of patients. OLA joins several functionalities: a safety and well-being advisor that will analyse the living environment through real-time analysis and augmented reality settings, as well as use previously collected personal and health data and apply emotion recognition sensors, silent speech technology and a contextual recorder to assist in daily life, through an instrumental memory support for daily life issues such as medical and fiscal compliances. Early warning signals for deteriorating health will be detected, reported and communicated. OLA will be user friendly and will provide multimodal interaction with an adaptive virtual presence that will facilitate communication and collaboration between older-adults and informal and formal caregivers or other services. OLA will be a standalone product that can be sold by different service providers and also technological, large organizations or SMEs. Either users or public authorities will finance OLA, or both, and it will be made accessible through B2C, with direct customers via app store and/or by B2B, with Public and Private via website or Partners.
Network AAL 2
Call Call 2014 – Care for the future

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Comfort Keepers – Conforto em Casa, Lda. Portugal
Inovamais S.A. Portugal
ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon Portugal
MSFT Software para Microcomputadores, Lda Portugal
Knowledge Society Association Poland
Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research Hungary
Liquid Media Sweden
connectedcare services BV Netherlands