Project: Open ICT platform and technologies to reduce & prevent social and economic impact of elders care

Acronym INNOVCARE (Reference Number: aal-2014-1-192)
Duration 01/02/2016 - 01/08/2018
Project Topic The main objective of INNOVCARE is the large-scale technical and economic validation of a novel ICT support system that covers care prevention and management in an innovative and integral way, involving healthcare professionals, informal carers and elderly as a team to work together for enhancing elderly health and wellbeing in the following three main pillars: Physical activity monitoring through wearable technology, Neurological condition evaluation through mobile Smartphones, and self- care support network. Combining ICT eHealth solutions, systems and products (Mobile Applications, Web Services and IoT wearable) INNOVCARE concept will aim to provide personalized assisted living ICT services to older adults in order to prolong their autonomy, improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, prevent further dependence, and facilitate care provision by both themselves and their loved ones thereby reducing the care burden and promoting the health of carers in turn. This will be developed taking into consideration the growing importance of formal and informal carers with the participation in the consortium of KempeLife, Seniornett and JDC (subcontracted by LoK), who will support and validate the technical development in the different stages to develop market needed solutions accepted by the end users (approx. 150 will be involved). These organisations will play also a relevant role together with the rest of partners during the business model definition, concretely within the CANVAS methodology that we will follow based on modelH to create potential business models applicable to launch in the short term after the project finalisation its results into the European market. The objectives of the INNOVCARE project have the potential to establish it as one of the major pillars for business development and financial growth in this field, thereby establishing Europe as a global leader in assisted living technologies.
Network AAL 2
Call Call 2014 – Care for the future

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
LifeOnKey Israel Ltd. Israel
Ingeniería y Soluciones informáticas del Sur, S.L. Spain
Taniwa Solutions Spain
Wellness Telecom S.L. Spain
Seniornett Norge Norway
KempenLIFE The Netherlands
Ninthway C.V. The Netherlands
Smart Homes The Netherlands
Brevidius Netherlands