Project: Integration of AAL Components for Enabling Innovative and Disruptive Care Pathways

Acronym IntegrAAL (Reference Number: aal-2014-1-187)
Duration 02/01/2015 - 02/07/2017
Project Topic 1. Challenges addressed and AAL-solutions proposed It is widely accepted that chronic diseases such as dementia are major contributors to loss of independence, which contributes to both loss of quality of life and reliance on paid-for care. However care in the community for dementia patients can delay death and reduce hospital admission. IntegrAAL will design and demonstrate an ICT platform to automatically use data from AAL and care providers to reinforce the End Users' ability to self-manage. 2. Target groups for the AAL-solution proposal Service Users (Primary End Users): Enabling Primary End Users to self-manage while receiving support from informal carers, and having the backup of formal carers when necessary. Next of Kin (Secondary End Users): Enabling Secondary End Users to have a context of the care being received by the service user. Care Commissioners and Care Providers (Tertiary End Users): Enabling Tertiary End Users to: - Access the tools to implement proactive strategies to enable service users to self-manage chronic conditions. - Provide first line of response care through providing circle of care coordination tools, rather than providing regular visits. 3. Technology to be employed We will be employing a combination of secure cloud integration platforms, mobile apps, telecare and AAL, all designed to support bespoke care pathways. 4. Business model The solution is marketed by care agencies as an assistive technology paid for by the service user and/or their family. Given the technologies used, the prices can be afforded by the vast majority of individuals as well as attractive to local government organisations and large care organisations and will deliver vast tangible improvements of the perceived quality of the care received. 5. End user participation End users will be included in the delivery of the project at every stage, from the design of the system and pilots right through the pilots themselves.
Network AAL 2
Call Call 2014 – Care for the future

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
ODISEE University College Belgium
Huis Voor Gezondheid Belgium
AlertiSugere Lda Portugal
Associação de Desenvolvimento e Formação Profissional Portugal
Instituto Pedro Nunes Portugal
Dorset County Council Reablement Service United Kingdom
Nourish Care Systems Ltd United Kingdom