ESS providers

There is no indication from networks that establishing an ESS with the agreed requirements and specifications was difficult to reach neither technically nor particularly expensive. Developing or adapting an ESS thus appears to be no major issue in implementing different call procedures. Apparently many networks found access to an existing ESS through one of the agencies in the consortium because of the availability of a system within this agency, or because of its involvement in another network.

Therefore, even in newly established networks, most probably one of the consortium partners will have access to an ESS which is likely to be adaptable to individual needs of your network. There are a few commercially available systems, mostly in networks where the system runs independently from an agency, or where the development has been subcontracted. Sometimes, successful subcontracted solutions have been integrated into the systems of national/regional agencies.

Meanwhile, also external access to an ESS is offered by several experienced ESS providers. Some profiles of ESS providers are presented below.