Virtual common pot

This is the most common funding mode (for non-cofunded calls) since it does not involve cross-border funding. All participating funding organisations will fund their own national/regional applicants. Typically the evaluation of proposals is jointly undertaken by an international expert committee whereas funding decisions are made individually by the national/regional funding organisations in accordance with their own standard rules and procedures.


This funding mode enables national programme owner to retain autonomy and control of their own national budget and of own funding decisions, and does not entail funding of non-nationals and/or non-residents.

It  is therefore suitable for national/regional funding organisations which wish to engage in a transnational joint call with an agreed research theme and agreed evaluation procedures but which also wish to retain control of funding decisions and funding in accordance with own standard rules and procedures.


National funds will have to be earmarked to guarantee effective participation in joint calls. Even if the contribution of a guaranteed budget is essential for the virtual common pot, national funds may be selectively increased according to the national/regional demand of the evaluation result.

Administrative efforts and benefits:

Administrative efforts will be necessary for coordination of national/regional funding decisions and funding, in accordance with own standard rules and procedures.