Real Common pot

The real common pot requires the commitment of program owners for cross-border funding and thus requires a system to administer the distribution of funds at the network level. A central unit is managing and distributing the funds which were provided by individual funding organisation to the common pot.


This funding mode is suitable if the participating funding organisation accept funding decisions made by the designated joint decision-making body to ensure funding of the best quality proposals, in accordance with joint standard rules and procedures, and irrespective of nationality or place of residence.


National/regional funding organisations commit their funds to a jointly agreed common budget. They will, depending on the funding decisions, potentially be funding non-national and non-resident researchers according to the committed budget.

Administrative efforts and benefits:

Administrative efforts are needed in order to ensure efficient operation of joint call decisions and joint funding, in accordance with standard rules and procedures. Cross-border funding is essentially involved. Since the funding decision will only depend on the ranking of the proposal this is a way to fund the proposals with the highest quality.