Next Steps

The first wave of European Partnerships in HEU will start with the work programmes 2021/ 2022. The following indicative timeline shows the process of their implementation. It will be adopted according to the decisions on the MFF (multiannual financial framework), Horizon Europe negotiations and in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Q1/2021: Adoption of COM proposals for Article 185/187 initiatives
  • Q2/2021: Publication of Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021/2022 including co-programmed and co-funded European Partnerships
  • Q2/2021: Start of co-programmed European Partnerships
  • Q4/2021: Adoption of Article 185 and 187 basic acts by (European Parliament for Art 185 and) Council for Art 167
  • Q4/2021 – Q1/2022: Start of the first co-funded European Partnerships